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Enfield Succeed

Enfield Schools continue to deliver better and better outcomes for children and young people learning in the borough. Many are achieving their ambitions and more. In partnership with the Borough’s schools, Enfield Council is celebrating this achievement through ‘SUCCEED’, a platform where good news stories from schools in the borough can be shared and learnt from. We are committed to continuing to improve teaching and learning, to create more quality school places through our school expansion programme, and ensure that everyone involved in the education of our young people are dedicated to these values. With the majority of our students now attending good or outstanding schools, we want to ensure that we continue to see ENFIELD SUCCEED.


Our most recent news stories from Enfield Succeed.

About Us

Together with all Enfield Schools the Council is promoting ENFIELD SUCCEED to celebrate the achievement of learners, teachers and schools.

Who we are

Enfield Council working in partnership with Enfield Schools.

Our mission

To inspire every young person to SUCCEED.

What we do

Together we are committed to providing a pathway for every child to achieve excellence on their learning journey.

Ambition for ALL

We want every child to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

Our numbers

- 3606 Teachers
-35561 Primary Pupils
- 22531 Secondary Students
- 93% Per Cent Good or Outstanding Schools

Our Schools

We are very proud of all our schools in Enfield, which all provide high quality education, outstanding facilities. Our committed and enthusiastic staff work to provide a great education for our children plus a range of extracurricular activities. Throughout school life and beyond, Enfield Schools and the Council want to support parents, children and young people to make the best choices.


Getting a good start on the learning journey is important. Our Primary Schools support every child to take those early steps. Click here.


An important and exciting phase in school life, with important choices about  schools, subjects
and exams.
Click here.


Some children face challenges on their learning journey.  Learners can benefit from our personalised educational settings. Click here.


All-through schools provide both primary and secondary education. With continuity of a single school from age 5 to 18. Click here.

What People Say

  • "I have loads of friends and loads of lovely teachers."

    Isla, pupil

  • "Being in the sixth form is about learning to be independent."

    Mithila, Sixth Former

  • "I love how they teach and I love to do maths."

    Harry, pupil

  • "Enfield is an amazing place to grow up. It’s where I went to school and now I teach here."

    Catherine, teacher

  • "They have created a great learning environment here."

    Karlyn, parent